The Chicken Crib

The Chicken Crib

Hip Homes for Happy Hens.

The ChickenCrib is a stylish home for urban hens and an attractive addition the back yards of urban homesteaders.  This venture into the world of industrial design took Andreas far into the world of fabrication, production, and distribution.  The ChickenCrib attracted the attention of Fast Company, Sunset Magazine, Daily Candy, Williams-Sonoma, and The Seattle Daily Times with it’s innovative design.

Andreas worked hard to decode the secret language of chickens in order to design a coop that was going to be perfect for our avian fiends.  The end result?  A cool coop that is safe, easy to assemble, and elegant.  The ChickenCrib has is been acclaimed by the Industrial Design Society of San Francisco, taking first place in the 2010 Digging Deeper Competition.  It is fabricated with high quality MDO plywood, galvanized steel hardware, and a specially formulated non-toxic finish. Visit for more info.

Date: 2009-2010
Location: Fabricated in San Francisco, California and shipped across the West Coast

The Chicken Crib The Chicken Crib The Chicken Crib The Chicken Crib The Chicken Crib