Now Open: Sonoma Children's Museum Learning Garden!
New Project: Mozilla Mt. View - Creative Spaces for Smart Folks.
BASE creates a landscape of learning at the Sonoma Children's Museum.
BASE tests permaculture practices at our urban farm.
BASE finds natural solutions to complex challenges.
BASE creates XS-XXL pollinator habitats.
BASE crafts curriculum-specific play at the French American School of SF
The Student Life Center at Gardner Bullis takes form.
Repurposed building materials combine with myriad edible trees & gardens.
BASE increases visibility & outreach for Golden Gate Nat'l Park Rangers
BASE creates a pole forest at the French American School of SF


Fall 2014

The City of El Monte Urban Agriculture Initiative Plan Report is available to read and download here

Andreas will be teaching Professional Practice in Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley Extension

Patricia will be teaching Social Factors in Environmental Design at UC Berkeley Extension

10 – 17/19 Patricia will be speaking at the Sacred Bee Keeping Immersion Conference in Ashland, Oregon





  • Patricia has been the co-architect and moving force that transformed my lot into a beautiful, productive haven. She cares deeply about the ecosystem, and her priories lie not only in making places beautiful & productive, but fostering the long term health of the garden (and planet).

    - Matt Herbert, Owner, Algarden Urban Farm