ZigZag Zip

ZigZag Zip

Jardins de Metis competition entry

BASE teamed up with Zomadic to design and submit Zigzag Zip to the 2017 Jardins de Metis International Garden Festival’s call for proposals.

ZigZagZip transforms the idea of a playful geometry, the zigzag, and a playful movement, zipping, into a garden playscape.

A whimsical zigzagging path weaves through the garden plot where visitors move through at their own pace. Children may zip quickly through the garden, either on foot or clinging to the zipline, while adults may chase behind or stroll at their leisure. Stepping stones weave between the zigs and zags of the main path, providing short cuts for kids to explore.

Four distinct zigzagging lines of colorful blooms also weave through the garden. Perspectives of these colorful zigzags shift to reveal distinctly angular forms in some areas to layers of color in others as visitors move through the space. 

These colorful, shifting lines lead to the zome, a piece of hyper-dimensional architecture. The wooden octet truss structure creates a shaded gathering space with incorporated seating. Colorful paint mixes with the zigzagging trusses to continue the movement of the planting through to the other side.

This main zigzagging path combined with shortcuts, a zipline, and playful planting encourages exploration; there is no one correct way to experience the garden. Joy will be found in discovery.

Status: Complete
Location: Price, Quebec, Canada

ZigZag Zip ZigZag Zip ZigZag Zip