Ashland/Cherryland Urban Greening Community Plan

Ashland/Cherryland Urban Greening Community Plan

Bringing urban agriculture to underserved, unincorporated communities

This project seeks to work corroboratively with the community, the client, and the project team to improve the sustainability and livability of the unincorporated communities of Ashland and Cherryland in Alameda County.

Elements of the plan will include a widespread, bilingual community outreach program and interactive data collection tools such as an online data input tool where community members can compile data and help determine the “green score” for their street. Other components such as a sustainable plant palette, a matrix of best practice resources and research, a memo of best practices, and an urban greening vision poster will help shape this product into a tool for a variety of users, public and private alike. This project will coordinate with ongoing County efforts such as the Economic Development Strategy for the area and the Public Health Element of the General Plan as well as gather knowledge from and collaborate with local programs such as healthy food and community health programs already in place.

Year: 2014
Status: Completed 
Location: Alameda County, California

Mandela Marketplace / client
PMC / project partner


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