Altar du Buzz

Altar du Buzz

Jardins de Metis competition entry

BASE submitted ALTAR DU BUZZ to the 2015 Jardins de Metis International Garden Festival’s call for proposals.

Insects comprise over 90% of the species on the planet, by number and mass.  This installation is an altar to those buzzing, fluttering, pollinating creatures that fill our life with sound and mystery, and our trees with fruit.

From afar, ALTAR DU BUZZ seems to be a neatly arranged woodpile hidden in the forest, a perfect insect hideout.  As visitors move closer, they see an entry, and notice an indirect colorful glow emerging from within. Upon crossing the threshold into the altar, visitors are transported into a vibrant, pixelated world of color, reminiscent of how a field of bright flowers might look through the ultraviolet compound eye of pollinators.

The entry to the altar is narrow and indirect, much as that of a beehive or wasps nest.  Inside, the space is perfectly symmetrical and full of brilliant colors and interpretations of the vivid shades of ultraviolet that lure moths, wasps, bees, & grasshoppers to their blooms.

Status: Complete
Location: Price, Quebec, Canada

Altar du Buzz Altar du Buzz Altar du Buzz Altar du Buzz Altar du Buzz Altar du Buzz