The Making of a Mural

I keep thinking how lucky I am to have people in my life that help me bring my dreams to reality. This time I’m particularly grateful for Megan Stevens and Tara Nejma who’s creative energy manifested this mural into a reality beyond what I had imagined. Huge thanks also to Cesar Moran who wrote and then carefully painted his “Pollinator Pilgrimage” poem on the wall and to Rob Bell for sharing his space and allowing me to express myself. Thank you to Ryan Stevens and Todd Hanson for cleaning, fixing and prepping the space. Thank you Natalie Martell for your patience thought this and for helping us paint.

The pollinator portal mural had been a dream for a long time, years… finally this year we did it! It is the next best thing to an actual garden view filled with flowers and pollinators. It is really inspirational and it has filled our work space with color and vibrancy.














Aside from the ongoing satisfaction of the view I find the creative process to be the most exciting part of the project. Tara, Megan and I meet last year to brainstorm ideas. I told them what I had in mind and they added their creative juices and started sketching. The initial sketch was a good start but needed some edits. I wanted a hexagon in the center and the flower of life as the base. Megan wanted a lotus flower in the center.














Slowly and after a few iterations of the sketch, the design evolved into something that we all liked.














A bee-autiful collaborative process to create the overall vision. Then Megan painted all the flowers and Tara painted the pollinators. I just helped pain a little bit here and there.

The wall of the mural also needed a lot of work. It was a messy wall with different textures, colors, etc. It needed to be smooth and one color ready to receive the art.








Once the wall was smooth and ready to paint, a grid was set to do the circles that would create the flower of life as a base for the entire mural. Rob CNC cut us a giant protractor to do it.














Hexagons were painted from the intersecting points of the flower of life circles. And in the central hexagon a ring of bees around the lotus flower and the echinaceas.




















Next came the pollinator friendly flowers -sunflower, milkweed, cosmos, lavender, borage, California poppies, phacelia, dandelion and a sun flower. And the other pollinators -Hummingbird, butterflies and a dragonfly


























The last touch was the poem. Cesar Moran-Cahusac wrote a bee-autiful poem for our mural “Pollination Pilgramage”






















Some pollinators are missing in the mural, we see this as a work in progress, next year we will add a bat and some cacti and more bees…











Thank you to everyone who participated and helped us made this possible.

We are loving our new space!