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The Dolores Street Pollinator Boulevard is officially underway!

Come join us and help build pollinator habitat!

We’ll be laying down sheet mulch to rid the median of weeds and any lingering grass seed while creating nutrient rich soil. The sheet mulch will work its magic for about 6 months before we host another community volunteer day to add the new plants.


*Dolores Street Pollinator Blvd is part of Street Parks, a land stewardship program co-managed by Public Works and Parks Alliance that works with community members to convert City-owned parcels into green open space, verdant gardens, wildlife habitat, neighborhood gathering spaces, and more.

Summer is here! And for many, that means tons of fun, sun, and relaxation. Summer is an exciting time here at BASE, too. It’s the time for CONSTRUCTION. While kids are off having their summer fun, their schools are often receiving improvements. This summer, we have three different school improvement projects underway:

Aptos Middle School

This project is part of the San Francisco Unified School District’s (SFUD) Schoolyard Greening Program. Thus far, existing asphalt has been selectively cut to make way for planter boxes which will double as seating elements. A mock-up of the planter boxes has been complete. Eucalyptus logs are on site and will soon be stripped of their bark, stained, and secured to act as additional seating. Orange spray paint lines depict the outlines for what will become a painted asphalt pattern. We are anticipating project completion in early August – just in time for the beginning of the Fall semester.

Aptos Middle School - Planter Mockup

Aptos Middle School - Cut Asphalt

Aptos Middle School - Logs

Herbert Hoover Middle School

This an another space being transformed as part of the SFUSD’s Schoolyard Greening Program. Base aggregate has been laid to receive unit pavers in what will become an outdoor classroom space. Planting areas have been laid out and will soon be constructed from beautiful 12×12″ redwood lumber. Irrigation and hose bibs have gone in. We just reviewed one of the log mock-ups and can’t wait to see the rest of them in place.

Hoover Middle School - Planter Layout

Hoover Middle School - Log Placement

Hoover Middle School - Logs

Bullis Elementary School

This summer at Gardner Bullis Elementary School in Los Altos Hills, CA, BASE added a new gathering space centered around a large Oak shade tree where students can lounge and socialize on wood benches, basalt column benches, giant pebbles, and cushy synthetic turf. Near the school drop-off area, we added a new decomposed granite path and a series of benches for parents to wait for their children after school. Throughout the campus we added lots of new drought tolerant and low water use planting.

We just did our final walk-through earlier this week, so everything is ready to go when students return to campus this Fall.

Bullis Elementary - Shade Tree


Bullis Elementary - Front

Bullis Elementary - Bench Detail


Check out the improvements we made to Bullis Elementary last summer. The planting is looking great after a year of growth:

Bullis Elementary - planting