Kinder Play Yard Completed!

The Kinder Play Yard at the German International School of Silicon Valley in Mountain View is now complete!

This project had a quick turnaround – we began with the design in May and construction was completed in September. Whew!

Of the designated Kinder Play Yard area, half had to be  left open for the fire truck access so we turned it into a painted pollinator trike path. In the remaining space we incorporated a cushy artificial turf outdoor classroom space, a tipi, a play structure, a pirate ship, playful mushroom stumps, a sand pit with a water trough, raised vegetable planting beds, and planting for pollinators.



custom water trough

play structure with fun safety surface pattern

play structure with fun safety surface pattern



outdoor classroom

outdoor classroom being used for a game of tag


In the fire lane, we incorporated colorful painted pollinators, and flowers, as well as a dotted trike path, to break up the asphalt that we had to have for the fire truck and create a fun and engaging space for the children to enjoy.



stencils were used to add color to the expansive asphalt fire lane

Looks like these kindergarten and preschool aged kids are loving their new play space!