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The landscape at Casa Blanca, a residential project we’ve been working on in the Oakland Hills, is really beginning to take shape. We were recently on site to oversee the concrete work. Wooden and rebar forms had been complete earlier in the week and the concrete pour began in the early morning while it was still cool and the fog had not yet lifted. It was exciting to see the different concrete colors, finishes, and textures going in. The concrete guys started off with the natural colored concrete steps leading to the house then moved on to the dark, graphite colored concrete in the backyard.


pouring the front stairs



graphite colored concrete going in

We were really excited to see the guys start with the sparkle concrete. The sparkle finish is achieved by embedding silica carbide once the concrete has been poured and smoothed. After a light sandblasting once the concrete has set, the sparkle effect is visible in sunlight and under night lights. By incorporating alternating bands of  sparkle concrete and regular sandblasted graphite colored concrete, along with an interesting sawcut joint pattern, what would have been a typical driveway is transformed into a plaza-like space for hosting gatherings and parties.


adding the sparkle!


Andreas excited to help apply the sparkle


finishing it up

Check back again soon to see how the construction continues to progress! The planting, fire pit, raised planting beds, and recycled concrete gabion walls will be going in soon.