Kinder Play Yard @ the German International School in Mtn. View!

BASE is excited to be designing a new Kinder Play Yard for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students at the German International School of Silicon Valley’s Mountain View Campus!

140611 - Illustrative Plan Labeled

Concept Plan

We’re having fun incorporating natural and engaging play features to keep the little ones active. Some of these features include stumps, logs, and boulders for hopping, climbing, and balancing, a sand and water play area, playhouses and play equipment for sliding, spinning, climbing, and running, a pollinator garden and vegetable garden, eating areas, and an artificial turf amphitheater for outdoor learning.

GISSV concept

Some of our inspirational program and concept images.

With a fire lane taking up almost half the site, we wanted to incorporate a colorful painting scheme on the existing asphalt paving in order to expand the kids play space. The painting features a colorful trike path which winds through the Kinder Yard. The flowers, bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and dragonflies are a fun element to help the kids learn more about pollinators.

The asphalt painting features a trike path, flowers, and pollinators.

The asphalt painting features a trike path, flowers, and pollinators. 

Construction is set to begin this summer and we are looking forward to seeing how the project takes shape! We hope you’ll check back soon for more updates!