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Growing your own food

Two years ago I had surgery. That surgery was in many ways a wake up call, a call to action to live a different, healthier life, a life that would make me proud when I look back. Part of that process led me to leave my corporate job in a large design firm and start BASE. I wanted to have the freedom and the flexibility to focus on the work that really sparked my passion. Projects that made me excited and that I felt like my contribution was making a difference to my surroundings and hopefully the world.

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Urban agriculture has been a passion of mine for a long time. As I learn more, that passion is taking me to focus on the industrial production of food, the importance of pollinators to produce the food, and the unfortunate prevalence of pesticides in our food and the negative healths effects that pesticides cause not just to humans but to the entire environment and particularly to pollinators, especially bees.

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I have been working on this issues both on the professional realm and in my personal life. In my personal search for a healthier path I meet Melissa, she has been a great motivator and a wealth of information on healthy eating for natural healing. Melissa started a project called the food healing journey and she asked me to collaborate with her by contributing a video on growing your own food and why this is important.

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Here is the video where I try to explain why it is important to grow your own food, soil, fertilizer and create a connection with your environment. I hope you enjoy it!

Above all, I hope the video motivates you to start growing your own food. Always make sure to get organic seeds and seedlings. If you live in city in a small apartment (like myself) or don’t have a garden perhaps you can find space in your neighbors garden or a friends space (like the Algarden) in your work place, or  your school. I would love to help you start your garden and brainstorm ideas.

This is the perfect time to start planning your garden for the spring!